Instagram will be accessible offline after the next update: Facebook, Instagram Offline, the parent of Instagram, made an important announcement at its recent conference. The F8 conference of Facebook was held in San Jose. As a minute of the meeting, Facebook announced Instagram is going offline.

Instagram Offline
Instagram Offline

Instagram Offline:

No more inaccessible Instagram while there is an internet issue. After the next update of Instagram, users can access Instagram wherever they are.

Activities like Like, Comment, saving a post can be done offline. So, check your Instagram while you are free despite the availability of Internet. Any action done will be effective after the device gets the internet connection. The users can create posts while offline, and it would get posted once the phone goes online. This way, the Internet isn’t any more mandatory to use Instagram. You can have limited access to Instagram even while there is no Internet anywhere around you.


Even while the user the offline, images, caption, some likes and comments of each post will be visible. Follow, and Unfollow people while offline and see it getting effective after going online. The app holds everything within until the connection is established for the changes to happen.

Use Instagram anywhere: Instagram Offline

This kind of offline activity possibility isn’t anything new in social media. Different apps have always taken measures to reduce data consumed during app usage. Facebook has Facebook Lite, a separate app for people who believe in less data consumption. Twitter introduced Twitter Lite already. Unlike these apps, Instagram doesn’t have a separate app download to enable offline usage. The change happens with the actual app download right now on your phone.

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Data consumption: Instagram Offline

Either way, there is going to be the usage of data at a considerable rate. Users cannot stop Instagram from saving content for offline access. The app saves a maximum of your Instagram content so that you will be able to view it with no internet. This also takes up an extra battery.

Facebook said that 80% of its customers are from outside the U.S. Developing countries have greater social media users but limited internet facility. The inconsistent internet is a pain for anyone, and Facebook is trying to make the experience a pleasant one despite your availability.

Right now, the facility is available for Android users, and the team is working on the iOS possibility of the same.

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