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Reliance Jio Review, Jio is a friend when Wi-fi ditches you? Or when you leave home and can’t take your wifi with you. What about all those people who never had a Wifi or data plan? Did you ever wonder how #Jio influenced the lives of individuals? Well, it wasn’t just a change, it made a revolution in the digitalization.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is the popular network which we call it as the Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani announced the complete ideas and plans. After the launch of this network, the share prices of Airtel, Vodafone fell down.


If you aren’t a Jio user, then you fall into four categories:-

1) Too rich and can spend in 1000s for a good data plan.

2) Too lazy to go and get one!

3) The phone doesn’t support LTE/support issues.

4) Doesn’t need the internet ( Maybe 1% out of 100%. Rare cases!).

Reliance Jio Review
Reliance Jio Review

Even the first category is unique, and people who can afford them too are enjoying the Jio Services now! Why Jio? Why not Jio? Only individuals who don’t need Jio is the person who don’t need massive call and data saving plans and are ready to afford more! What difference did Jio make? What have things changed since Jio came?

Reliance Jio Review

1) Rich enjoy more luxurious services while poor can’t afford It still continues to be same in all other aspects except calls and data. All thanks to the Jio services! It doesn’t matter if you can afford 4G plans or not, and you can enjoy the incredible internet speed without hesitation of emptying your pocket.

2) Hope to netless people Many citizens in India still don’t have wifi or data plans. It’s a matter of fact though many won’t believe it. For all those people, Jio gave a ray of hope. They can access the internet and use it as all of us. They can stay connected and talk with their loved ones without worrying about the running out of balance. Unlike, the data plans for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Docomo and others which cost a lot even for 3G! It will still continue offering the best of services in affordable plans!

3) 1 GB per day is the limit Yes. It’s closer to the most common phrase ‘Sky is the limit, that’ and it has all the reasons to be framed so! 1GB plan for a day costs a minimum of 50 inr from other service providers which mean 30 days*50 rs = 1500 rs = 5* Jio’s unlimited plan. that’s a huge reason to ditch your other networks and hail Jio!

jio_prime_small_Reliance Jio Review
jio_prime_small_Reliance Jio Review

4) Enjoy all services You will understand the importance of Jio when you are living in cities like Bangalore where you always need a GPS, conversations happening on the internet, and there are various things in life which work with the internet. With other network providers, we are scared of running out of the data plan and us always consistently switch off and on mobile data. Even worse, you won’t be able to do all the stuff with your data plans. But Jio helps you in accessing all the services you need, and it doesn’t give up on you(most of the times).

5) Brings a change The data plans in India are very high! When you have a competitor like Jio, it is bound to slack down the prices and make everything affordable to all types of people. 6) Affordable plans pricing! Jio offers fantastic and affordable plans without emptying your pockets. You can afford 2GB data and unlimited data with just 149 inr now! Check out the Summer Surprise plans if you haven’t yet for a surprising offer! We love you JIO!

6) it’s 2GB data and unlimited calls.

Yours Happy Customer (Renuka)


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