Samsung galaxy S8, S8 Plus: Right after the release of the Samsung Galaxy flagship phones, there come the various views on the phone. This article collects the views said on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.


Take a Look at Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

The size of the S8 and S8+:

Not to forget, one of the much-desired features of Galaxy S8 phones was its screen size. This is nothing new for Samsung. They have always been noted for their flagship phones leaping yards and yards regarding screen size. They are mostly the first one to bring out bigger screen sizes which beat their previous screen sizes.

Yea! There comes this question. Are the larger screen phones easy to use.? A strong doubt of every one hand phone users. Because it is kind of impossible to access a cell phone with both hands quite all the time.

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 5.8 inches’ screen. Similarly, it is 6.2 inches for Galaxy S8 Plus. The screen is of the curved edge, and yes, that gives your phone the look of the whole front panel being the screen itself. There isn’t any physical button which makes the front panel so much of the screen.

When a phone with an unusually bigger screen is made, the grip of the phone and one-hand accessibility is compromised at times. But Galaxy S8 Plus seems to nail this. The phone has a perfect grip, and the power button is right where you will be able to touch it with no position change. Bixby button is on the other side which needs position alter. The contouring is just perfect that one hand use isn’t a big deal despite the larger size of the phone.

Fingerprint Sensor:

The sensor is right next to the camera lens. So much close. Though touching it with a forefinger is a breeze, there are threats of the smudged Camera lens. Such an expensive phone shouldn’t call for such compromises. The designers could have planned it being in the middle or at least in any angle farther from the camera saving the regret of touching the lens.

Galaxy Note 8 may get the dual camera:

Mapping two rear cameras in a phone aren’t anything new. Already LG G5 is mastering it, and HTC also knew the trick. Despite all the features, missing this is a pain. S8 series has everything other than this. Clicking a pic would have been more glad about it.

However, there is Galaxy Note8 on the track next, and there are hopes that what Galaxy S8 lacked will be held up in the next.


OK! Bixby doesn’t work. The headline feature of Samsung S8 didn’t make it before the release. That doesn’t mean there should be an insert button on the phone. The confidence that Samsung has on the Bixby team is terrific. But for the users, a switch which could have opened their favorite app or a camera – sitting there with nothing to show isn’t interesting.

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Not that people lost hope in Bixby. But, the user could have had the choice of how to use a button their handheld device has.

Still, Not to forget, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is a good buy despite everything else.

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