Sprint Unlimited Data Pack: Sprint Corporation, the American telecommunication company, has recently eliminated all its other offers and packages and has decided to stick to its unlimited plan offer which has been extended.

Sprint ranks fourth in the ladder of telecommunication giants in the US. The first three places are taken by Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobiles respectively. Recently Sprint being bored of being the fourth, decided to steal more of the potential customers from the top rankers and announced a bunch of free offers. The offers include unlimited calling and texting at some fixed prices which were a success eventually.

Sprint Open World:

Sprint will provide the international calling and texting program. It has the various benefits like facilitating the free unlimited calls and text messages. Besides the data allotment, it will provide the 1GB of free high-speed data while traveling.

Sprint Unlimited Data Pack
Sprint Unlimited Data Pack

The price of the data plan has also been discounted by around 50 percent now. By this price reduction, Sprint claims that its monthly cost is almost 50 percent lesser than the data plans of Verizon and AT & T.

Sprint Unlimited Data Pack

While asked about why Sprint chose to ditch all other plans it had and stuck to the universal one, Sprint marketing exec Roger Sole said, “More than 90% of our customers are already choosing Unlimited. During the past few months, we’ve seen other national wireless carriers offer unlimited plans, but their offers don’t match the value we provide. Within the first year, Verizon’s and AT&T’s unlimited plans will cost consumers at least 50% more!"
Sprint Slashes Unlimited Data Pack Price

Yeah… Of course, who would be okay with always worrying whether they have run out of their mobile data while there is an easy option for unlimited data? As per this offer now, the unlimited plan for one line per month is around $50. Two lines a month would cost $40 and three lines per month would be $30. There is a limit in the downloading of data. It is limited to 23GB per line per month. After finishing the first 23 GB the speed of the downloading is likely to slow down until the next billing cycle. The limit gets reset every month for each line. Anyways the users will always have data on board; the speed varies depending on your usage. This offer is extended until June 30, 2018.

Sprint Unlimited Data Pack

Already after the previous offer announcement, Verizon and AT & T saw a considerable loss of customers and this new extended offer is supposed to rise the market of Sprint in a more better manner.

Sprint Logo
Sprint Logo

AT & T also has unlimited plans for its customers which cost around $60 per month but the data speed will only be 8Mbps, and if you exceed 22 GB a month you will fall as low as 128kbps. T-Mobile’s data pack starts from $70 per month for a line, and Verizon’s unlimited plan is from $80 a month for a line. Two lines in Verizon and you must pay $140. Comparing to these, for anyone, Sprint seems to do a fair job in pricing.

Brand Index CEO Ted Marzilli said, “Since Christmas, Verizon Wireless’ consumer value perception moved to its lowest point in at least six years, while AT&T has been declining steadily since early December to fall behind the other three in this critical consumer metric.” After the holiday season last year Sprint sees stable hike in its market.


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