Google Maps Updated With Street View – Google brings an unlimited number of updates in every year. The Google Maps is the best navigation app for the mobile devices. Google without making any official announcements introduced a couple of new features for the Maps app.

Google Maps now received the updates to make life easier while navigating through the roads. The search giants added Street View Integration in the app.They also integrated a bar at the bottom of the screen. It allows us to access the useful tools within the app.

Google Maps Updated With Street View
Google Maps Updated With Street View

Google Maps Updated With Street View:

The most important feature is Google has added the thumbnails for directions. Map users now can see the images of the routed places.

For each turn in our path, the users can see the Street View Images. If we click on the pictures, it will open full street 360-degree view. Hence, we can navigate through the surroundings.

The Map’s Android App will now show the Street View Images of every road which you supposed to turn. If you click the image, the Street View will open that location. It indicates an arrow mark in the direction you have to turn.

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Google Created Thumbnails To Show Directions:

Coming to Street View thumbnails, Google contains the bottom bar with contextual activities. So it is easy to make advantage of this app’s features.

Google from the server side made all these changes. So we cannot download any updates yourself the Google automatically updates them.

Some Google Maps users received these features a few weeks ago. These features will arrive you soon if they have not updated. Google Maps Updated With Street View


Google added some new updates to Google Maps. These updates help the users to navigate easily on the roads. They included the thumbnails to that app. We can see the directions clearly, and they made a bottom bar available to the users. So the users can access the useful tools within the app quickly.

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