Google plans to roll out updates more efficiently – Project Treble: If you are an Android user, this issue is no strange for you. You might have very well experienced the delay in the update roll outs. Unlike iOS, Android has a real delay in taking its updates to its users.

Project Treble - Google plans to roll out updates more efficiently
Project Treble – Google plans to roll out updates more efficiently

Every Android update first hits the Google Pixel’s users. After Pixel, the other phones entertain a long wait to find the update happening. iOS updates happen in one go to everyone. Well, Apple users get Apple updates in a jiffy. Android updates should take place in several different devices at different rates.

Usually, Android updates happen in different levels and dates. The roll out happens regarding the device used and the carrier possessed. There are usually five steps in adopting a new update. It starts with the release of the update’s open-source code and ending with the testing, certification, and eventual release of the new software.

Project Treble:

Google witnessed its troubled users. The irritation they face is too much and so, here comes Google’s new effort – Project Treble.

Project Treble is a utility that helps the Google makers to take the updates to the end users effectively. After this, the updates would roll out regardless of the device you use.

This facility needed a lot of rework. The entire process was to be reframed from the base level to attain the perfection needed. The standard (AOSP) Android Open Source Project  ROM was as redesigned. Chipset manufacturers also recorded their source code according to current hardware compatibility.


But hereafter there is a high possibility that OEMs can deliver the next Android update to their users even faster. It can be done just by updating the Android OS framework. There is no need to work with chipset manufacturers again.

Google plans to roll out updates more efficiently – Project Treble

iOS and Android:

Even if Treble comes into existence, there is nothing that would make custom Android devices get the updates fast. They will always be slow and late for the other devices. There lies a valid reason for that. The development of the new OEM-custom UI for every new Android release is the leading cause. The implementation isn’t an easy process. Companies like Xiaomi will be benefitted highly by Treble. The reason is that the hardware compatibility of devices like Xiaomi adapts the new variations better than that the devices like Samsung do.

Google has already said that its partner OEM takes a while to roll out the updates to old devices. Now, after this may be it will be easy for Google to roll Android updates to a Samsung on TouchWiz UI and a Huawei phone on EMUI.

Iliyan Malchev, Project Treble team lead said, “With Project Treble, we’re re-architecting Android to make it easier, faster and less costly for manufacturers to update devices to a new version of Android.”

Google plans to roll out updates more efficiently – Project Treble

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