Google Stopped Google Docs Phishing Scam – Google recognized the Google Docs Phishing Scam and stopped it.

The meaning of Phishing:

Phishing is a type of person who believes the Google Docs as the real e-mail from an organization. Hackers are using this technique to retrieve the personal or identification information. The Internet giant does not understand the primary purpose of the scam.

A spokesman responded to the AFP (Agence France-Presse) and gave the statement to the users. He said that they had taken preventive steps to protect the users from Google Docs.They also turned off the accounts of the victims and removed the person from contact list who send them Google Docs.

google docs phishing
google docs phishing

Google group said they removed the offending pages and made updates. These new updates will help to have secure browsing.Their dedicated team members are working to avoid this spoofing from happening again.

Working Steps of Google Docs Phishing Scam:

Cooper Quintin is the member of an Electronic Frontier Foundation. The fraud hackers are spreading the phishing attack and worms to reach people. People are getting them into their Gmail inbox. If the users open them, they will enter into malicious code. It will lead us to other accounts.

People are receiving the emails from the real address of a known contact. If we open them, they will ask us to open a link. Once if we click that link our files are shared into other’s account using the Google Docs online services.

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Google stopped Google Docs Phishing scam:

By clicking on the link, Google will lead us to a real Google web address and asks the permission to run hackers sent application. Once it received the permission hackers will get the control on our account.

Quintin said this process would not resemble the phishing e-mail immediately. If the users click on Google Docs then it will send them to all other contacts.

Google deactivated the application and the online domain with which it was connected They disabled within hours of the start. Then there will be “no more threats.” Google Docs affected less than 10% of Gmail users. Google recognized and terminated them within an hour.

The Final Verdict:

Now no more data of the users will be transmitted to the hackers. Google took the preventive steps and stopped Google Docs phishing mechanism.

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