Quality Web Pages From News Feed – Hey, guys, are you fed up with the unwanted low-quality ads while connected to social networks. Here is the solution for that. Facebook announced a new update that will remove the low-quality web pages.So here is the answer to our problem.

Facebook rolled out an update to increase the user experience. It will remove the low-quality web pages from the News Feed. The primary intention is to reduce the low-quality posts.

The complaint from Users to Facebook: Quality Web Pages From News Feed

Many users complained to Facebook saying when they click on the desired link; it led to open the unwanted web pages. These unwanted web pages contain little substantive content, fully covered with malicious ads. On Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 the company spoke about this users complaint.

Facebook linked this update with the social media giants. They will check the misinformation and users hate content. Facebook will make the changes to come into existence in the upcoming months.

They already made a policy that will detect the low-quality web pages during advertising on their platform. Now Facebook stated that they are increasing enforcement on ads. They are planning to take organic posts in News Feed.

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Facebook’s Preventive Steps to Remove Low-Quality Web Pages:

The Social Network reviewed the Facebook’s linked thousands of web pages. They did so to identify the little substantive content and a large number of disruptive malicious ads.

facebook Quality Feed
facebook Quality Feed

Then they used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to check whether Facebook shared web pages have similar characteristics. Facebook explained that if they notice the links of low-quality web pages, they are not eligible to be an ad.

Hence the people will see fewer misleading posts and more informative posts on their News Feed.

How the traffic gets effected? Quality Web Pages From News Feed

This update will impact the page owners regarding the traffic flow. Publishers whose posts do not contain the low-quality landing page experience may get a small increase in the traffic.

But the traffic will decrease for the publishers whose posts have low-quality landing page experience.

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