Best Career Options After Graduation – Every Student has a huge number of question marks in their minds after completion of their education. But one question is repeatedly rolling on the every student mind that is- “what career to Choose.” It is a major problem today facing the youth. Some people find a right way to fulfill their dreams, but the majority of them find it difficult to choose the proper career option after their graduation.

Best Career Options

The Best Career options After Graduatrion
The Best Career options After Graduatrion

The confusion in choosing right career option is quite natural. We have some career options which related to their streams. So, you may need some guidance and support from the experienced counselors in choosing the best career option after the graduation. But, be confidence and be strong don’t lose your confidence. Here we want to present some career options which has based on your capabilities may be these options will exist to choose your career option after graduation.

A career is a lifelong occupation. It needs specific skills, qualification, and training to make it permanent. A person interest and aptitude is also important in choosing the career goal.

There are some courses which are still considering evergreen that not only offers job stability and security. But there is a real demand among companies for professionals in this field.

Sales & Business Development:

The Sales and Business development is an evergreen career growth. In this competitive world, the demand for business development professionals is always increasing. Every company needs sales professionals. Many companies are looking to hire graduates for entry level sales profiles. If you’re good at interacting or communicating with the people, you will enjoy this field.

Business development profile is also a small entrepreneurial role. No one can stop you from growing to the financial of your career. This kind of role will give you a huge boost to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Hotel Management:

Hotel management provides the number of opportunities to work with well Known brands in various positions. Post graduate in Hotel Management will help you to get great opportunities through campus placements. After graduation in Hotel Management, you can also start work in catering services, food technology startups, Railways, restaurants, Shipping, Corporate organizations, clubs, etc. You can expect the salary starting from  INR 10,000 to 40,000.

Mass Communication & Journalism:

Digital media has opened the number of career opportunities for the mass communication professionals. With experience, you may become the reporter, correspondent, anchor, editor, columnist, and radio jockey. You can even begin your publishing website and monetize it. You can easily get Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 per month either by running as joining a media company or independent media professional.

Content/ Creative/Technical writing

The Internet has only based on content. From the news to social media to YouTube videos, there is a writer behind everything you see on the net. The content may have written in the form of news, video script, website content, social media post for business pages, product description, advertising copy, brochure, user guides or business agreement. Every article you read on the internet would be either written by a content writer or proofread by an editor. All companies are it small or large but need professional writers for their content development requirement. Writers are paid generously for their good work. You can write in English, Hindi or any other regional languages you are good in writing. The salary of full-time content writer can be anything from INR 15,000-35,000 per month.


It is the most demandable field in present days. For this field, you do not need any educational qualification to get in. However, if you plan to do modeling, you should start preparing for it seriously. But it is a better advice to all; you should continue your education while preparing for modeling. In this field, you have a stable income. Along with required style, body figure, etc. you must know the art of networking. Talent alone will not help much.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription relates to converting voice-recorded reports into text formats. So when a physician consults her patients, it will be recorded and converted into text format for later use. After the short period of training course, you can work in Medical Transcription. You can start earning anything between INR 10,000 to 30,000.


The law is a highly dynamic and evergreen field. You need to do LLB/LLM to become a practicing lawyer. After finishing your LLB/LLM, you may also plan to attend judicial services exams or join corporate legal firms. Graduates from top institutes also plan to join LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) as it gives a lucrative career opportunity, high salary, and faster growth. The pay for fresh law graduates falls in the range of INR 10,000 – 40,000 per month.

So, my dear friends!!! How will decide what you want to do after graduation? It depends on your passion and interest. Alternatively, you can choose any type career options and work hard and enjoy your job to be successful. If you can get bored of doing anything, then you cannot get success in any field. If you can work hard for 24 hours a day and seven days a week without any expectations, it will return and feel happy about it, that is the best career option for you.

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