Facebook is doing the ambitious hardware work, and we have to know about it.

The social network is keeping its efforts to make the connected speakers for the home. They are working on the cameras, microphones. As per the reports, there is the feature which tells us regarding how to scan the people.

Facebook’s Smart Speaker which People can use for Video Calling is going to Rival with Amazon Echo and Google Home:

Facebook's Smart Speaker
Facebook’s Smart Speaker

Facebook is reportedly testing the device which has the touchscreen-enabled speaker. Using this, people can make the video calls from their house. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that gadget contains the large touchscreen and it is between 12 and 15 inches. They equipped the speakers with the array of speakers, microphones and with wide-angle cameras. Users can use this camera to enable the video calling.

It is unclear about the underlying software. Facebook uses the Android version and builds it own Operating System.

Here is how the Bloomberg explains the software:

Facebook is conducting the test-trials and testing the features whether they will permit the camera to scan the people automatically.

For example, Facebook’s camera can zoom and examine the painting that the child had brought from the school to show that to his/her parents who are away on the business trip. It is also trying to implement the 360-degree camera for the device. But it takes more time to get ready for the initial launch.

As per the previous reports, the camera contains the voice recognition capabilities.

The reports stated that the standalone speaker resembles the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The price of the Facebook’s Standalone Speaker:

They wanted to price it ‘in the low $100 range’. Facebook is trying to cost it little to rival with Amazon and Google.

The cost of the Amazon Echo is $179.99, and Google Home is $129.


Facebook’s Building 8 developed both the devices. The Googler Regina Dugan lead the social network’s new divisions. He is the one who established the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group.

Still, Facebook is trying to announce the larger touchscreen device in the next spring. Before that, it is going to put an end to the smaller standalone speaker.


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