Gmail’s iPhone app now came into the existence which facilitates us to stay secure. When we click on the shady links, this app will provide us with the warning regarding the phishing attacks. Google officially announced this app on Friday, August 11th, 2017.

Gmail’s iPhone App will aid us to escape from the Phishing Scams:

Gmail's iPhone App
Gmail’s iPhone App

When we click on the links, the Google will inspect them, and if it feels them as suspicious, it will give us the warning. In that, it says that make sure before proceeding further.

This feature will display the warning saying that the Google found it as the malicious link. It says that the site which we are seeking to open is identified as the forgery by the Google. Finally, the primary intention behind this is to hack the financial, personal, or other sensitive related operations.

Previously, Google added this feature to the Gmail’s Android app also in May 2017. Finally, it is the first time to it to move through the iOS app path. The company says that the Google is going to unveil the Gmail’s iOS app. It took nearly two weeks of time to make it available to the users.


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