Hike, the Indian messaging app announced that it had acquired the CREO, the Bengaluru based media streaming technology start-up. However, it does not tell any details regarding the deal.

Indian Messaging app Hike Stated that it owned CREO, Bengaluru-based media streaming technology startup:

Indian Messaging app Hike
Indian Messaging app Hike

Based on the Hike spokesperson, “the CREO team will begin the work on the developer platform to enable the third party. The developers are to build the service on the Hike platform.” The Hike started its association with the CREO, and the company become a mentoring program part. It runs by the Hike CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal.


In December 2013 the CREO was founded by the Shubham Malhotra and Sai Srinivas Kiran G. it manufactures the media streaming device in Teewe. Shubham and Sai are now ex-Hike employees. Now the CREO has a team of over the 50 working members, and the company had previously launched the hardware products. It includes the streaming media dongles and the smartphones.

In India, the CREO last launched the Mark 1 smartphone for the Rs 19,999. Later received a price is cut by the Rs 6,000. It is the company first flagship smartphone, its own the Fuel OS based on the Android. The CREO had promised to give the every month a new software feature.

In last year, the Hike Messenger recently announced its video calling feature. Earlier this year the Hike company also update its app to Hike 5.0. It brings the various new feature that includes the wallet support, and funds transfer through the UPI (Unified Payments Interface). In 2012 the Hike Messenger launched in India. January 2016, the company has a user base of the 100million. The Hike also increases its fourth round of funding in last year August. The valuation cost is $175 million and led by the Foxconn and Tencent. It is making the faster company in India the assessment of the $1 billion. The other investors of the messaging app are along with the Foxconn, Softbank, Bharti, Tiger Global and Tencent.


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