Since the beginning, the Apple iPhone has the forefront of the smartphone photography. In a few weeks, the 10th anniversary iPhone is coming. The Apple is gearing up to prove it’s the got the good quality camera tech around.

iPhone 8 and iOS 11 make you a better photographer, See how:

iPhone 8 and iOS 11 make you a better photographer
iPhone 8 and iOS 11 make you a better photographer

Now we don’t know the specifications of the iPhone 8’s camera. What kind of optical zoom this phone offer, how many megapixels it captures, all specifications are not clear. We do know the what kind of software updates Apple Company is taking to the iOS 11 and improve how to shoot and edit your photos or images.

Portrait of an iPhone:

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus supports the two distinct camera lenses. One is a wide angle lens and the second one is a telephoto lens with the 2x zoom. Apple Company combines the two lenses can create the bokeh effect. The subject in the foreground is in focus, and the background is blurred.

Apple calls the Portrait mode since it makes for the great portrait shots. Now, this feature is currently in beta but will get the full release with iOS 11. The last version of the portrait mode will see the significant improvements along with the ability to capture photos using the camera’s flash and HDR feature. It also has the image stabilisation capabilities.

Those images you take of your cat sitting on your couch like a gentleman will look better with the iOS 11.

Live photos will be worthwhile:

The tiny video clips take up the more space than individual photos. The many shrinking pictures you can natively save your mobile phone. They are willing to give another shot with the iOS 11.

Apple is managed to pique interest with live photos to the upcoming addition of three new settings for the new feature: Loop and Long Exposure, Bounce. The Bounce lets you play your video forward then backwards, while loop repeats a clip over and over, the creating cool physics breaking effects like jumping out of a pool cannonball style. Neither of those is particularly tough, unique, as social media web sites like Snapchat, and Instagram.

The Long Exposure is the effect that holds the camera shutter open the longer than normal and responsible for those glossy photos of highways with the car headlights look like long streaks and genuinely fun. It is also making for some interesting shots from the Apple arms of customers.

Editing gets real:

The Apple photos are desktop app has plenty of stables to built in the editing the feature. The problem is they are all hidden by default. The average consumer that pretty much the same as them not existing at all.

The macOS High Sierra, though, Apple is bringing the editing tools to the surface. That means it instead of the relatively blank lost of the tools. Now the photos will provide you with the list of options to adjust your photos.


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