Facebook is chasing fake news and fake accounts. Many accounts to lose access: Facebook targets fake accounts, There are plenty of fake Facebook accounts around the world. The accounts aren’t genuine in many cases. People have two different accounts for personal and professional use. Other have two or more accounts for other illegal and unnecessary facts.

Facebook recently took steps to block the fake accounts. So many accounts were deactivated around the world. This was formulated as a massive operation against the accounts that were suspected on several grounds.

The Technical Program Manager of the Protect and Care Team of Facebook, Shabnam Shaik said, our systems could identify a large portion of this illegitimate activity – and to remove a substantial number of inauthentic likes. We also received help from our partners, who alerted us to suspicious activity that helped us identify additional accounts that were part of the same campaign. As we remove the rest of the inauthentic likes, we expect that 99% of impacted Pages with more than 10,000 likes will see a drop of less than 3%. None of these lines were the result of paid ads from the affected Pages.”

Fake accounts: Facebook targets fake accounts

The operation will have its effect in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries. Remember that random guy who suddenly went from 70 likes for his photo to 1800 likes.? Several pages and individuals have their shortcuts to get likes for their pages and profiles. This is achieved from the click farm. These click farms have an active market in most of the above-mentioned countries. Facebook has tried to stop this.

European personnel also pressured Facebook to remove posts that violate the law of speech. The eradication of spreading the false news over Facebook was also a major lookout of this purge. Bangladesh Government has also requested Facebook to manage to fake IDs. Before the France requested Facebook about the same and Facebook has accepted to take care of 30,000 fake accounts in France before the country’s presidential election. Facebook listened to the request and formulated the purge. (Facebook targets fake accounts)

Carson Dalton, Head of Communications at Facebook India said, we’ve made some additional improvements recently, and want to explain them here today. These changes help us detect fake accounts on our service more effectively — including ones that are hard to spot. We’ve made improvements to recognize these inauthentic accounts more easily by identifying patterns of activity — without assessing the content itself. For example, our systems may detect repeated posting of the same content or an increase in messages sent.’

Facebook blocks fake accounts:


Facebook targets fake accounts
Facebook targets fake accounts


This step of Facebook bothers many genuine users. Many individuals have lost their account because Facebook suspected them to be fake. Bangladesh Government has announced that its citizens who have lost their Facebook account can approach them with ID’s so that they can help in resuming the account.

Meanwhile, individuals are writing to Facebook directly and claiming their accounts too. Facebook may take a while to reply. Proper Identity cards should be submitted to unblock the account. Facebook will review it and then take steps.

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