National Tea Day of UK: April 21:

Where there is tea, there is hope.

While the International Tea Day is on December 15, it turns out that its National Tea Day now. Some beverages and drinks make you satisfied and relaxed. But I suppose, nothing calls for more than a cup of hot tea.

National Tea Day April 21
National Tea Day April 21

National Tea Day:

The United Kingdom National Tea Day party for 2017 officially happens in the splendor of Kensington Roof Gardens in West London. The entry pay would be £5 of which the entire percent goes to charity. There are artisan tea blends available to sample at the event. A baking class is also held which should help interest you more.

National Tea Day 2017
National Tea Day 2017

Statistics say that the British people consume over £1,475 worth of tea in a lifetime. So, aren’t they the right one to celebrate this big day.

Tea isn’t just a drink, but sort of everything else. Tea fixes anything and everything. This is what I believe. So, to make this day a pleasure for you, how about some free tea.

Free Tea on National Tea Day:

Feeling like you need a cup, rush out to the nearest T2 branch. They are giving out free tea in honor of the big day, and you should take part in the fun. It is to note that T2 has over 200 varieties of tea for their customers. A T2 spokesman said: “Whether you’re passing on your commute or in need of a lunchtime pick-me-up, drop in store on 21st April, and the T2 team will be on hand to improve your day with a delicious free cuppa.”

If you are planning to shop in a Waitrose Store, Sign up for a free myWaitrose card earlier. This should fetch you a free cup while you shop.

Sign up for Loyalty card scheme at any chain of PAUL for a free tea and a croissant. Interesting right.? Sign up at least for the tea. Then shop there if you feel like.

Can We Microwave Tea:

On tea day, here goes a bit tip for tea lovers.

Scientist Dr. Quan Vuong said that the tea tastes better if it is microwaved for a flash. People started raging against him for saying that only microwaving will give a better tea. Still, there is a part of the crowd who would want to try it. Come on, a better tea. Who wouldn’t like that? Try it and learn the difference.

Tea day special:

How are planning to make your Tea Day a special one.? For people who are hosting one on their own, there comes help. Bring Your Tea Home takes you to deal with many tea brands and varieties to try from. Make your day special with them.

So, How is the day going.? I would say, stop whatever you are up to now, grab your hot tea. Happy Tea Day. Cheers!

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