ios 11 Updates: ios 11 update, Till now we have been covering many rumors surrounding iOS 11 features. But we will get the first look of iOS 11 soon at the Apple’s 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference which will hold on 5th June.

ios 11 update
ios 11 update

IOS 11 Features

In last year, we called iOS 10 an unusual step forward for Apple’s mobile devices and iOS 11 may up the ante even longer.

As per the Digital trends, Apple will launch its next iOS 11 operating system in beta version in June with full version releasing early in the fall. Some of the much-hyped features among the rumored ones could feature in the upcoming iOS 11.

The source “Cyanhat” who presented the “group FaceTime calling,” also addressed the fact that Apple is well set to get the FaceTime Audio the default method is calling between iOS 11 and iPhone users in its next. This move from Apple is growing a trend after the company restored the SMS with along iMessage a few years ago. FaceTime Audio will work on LTE and will present clearer audio quality.

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IOS 11 Updates – ios 11 update

The problem with all of these rumors is, we can’t verify them, Apple as ever remains tight-lipped. So, there’s no way of knowing if they will appear on the OS update. So, we suggest you take everything you read until between June 5th and 9th with a pinch of salt.

According to More, there are moreover circulating stories about some of the developments that could take place in the iOS 11. Some new characteristics like the ‘Dark Theme’ which has been long due in Apple devices. Getting a note from the Apple Watch, the next iPhone 8 could use the OLED display with a “Dark Theme” to make it more power effective.

The next iOS 11 is balancing to get an even more enhanced “Siri.” Along with a better collection of Siri apps, the next OS from Apple could well see the “handoff for media” being introduced.

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