Reasons for iPhone 8 delayed is the next release from Apple. There are several talks about the delay of the iPhone 8 release. There is no proper talk about when the device will be released. Whenever there is hope that the phone will be released, it is subjected to delay for several reasons.

iphone 8 - Reasons for iPhone 8 delayed
iphone 8 – Reasons for iPhone 8 delayed

The fans of iPhone who are waiting for the \release are holding up the urge to get iPhone 7. Because iPhone 8 will be more efficient and better when compared to iPhone 7. The talks about the phone have already started, and so the release will be soon. This makes the fans to hold up for the iPhone 8. But, different factors weigh down the release date, and it is further delayed

iphone 8
iphone 8

Reasons behind the delay:

OLED Display:

It was said that the iPhone 8 would come with an OLED display. Soon it was said, the OLED display has some issues, and Apple is dealing this with the maker of the displays.

Touch ID:

Another much-coveted feature of Apple iPhone 8 is the Touch ID. This is the fingerprint sensor style which will be embedded under the screen. This way, you can touch a particular part in your screen to unlock the device. But, later it was announced that the feature is not included. There came issues when the OLED display went a little too bright in the area where the sensor was embedded. This lead to malfunctioning and so was on hold.

3D scanner:

Another feature that was said to be incorporated in the iPhone 8 is the 3D scanner. The biometrics was said to be used for scanning the user’s biometrics and functioning the device. But, now it is said that the touch will not be available. Everything will be biometry based. There isn’t a clarification yet.

Wireless Charging:

It is said that the wireless charging feature for iPhone 8 may be late. It is not said that it will be impossible. But, it may come later. The rumor came out a few days back and recently it was confirmed that the software has an issue. Anyways, the hardware is perfect.

There is a chance that the rumors stay bogus and the device gets released with everything at it place entirely by September as scheduled. Because none of the rumors said are answered or clarified.


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