Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PC cases, power supplies, accessories and peripherals for computers, is announcing a new family of premium Flo and Flo Saturn cases. The devices are ideal for assembling a productive gaming PC, as they have great potential for installing top-end components and cooling systems. In addition, the Flo family of cases boasts a well-thought-out cable management system and a spectacular design that will allow computer modders to use new products to realize their creative ideas.


Key benefits of AeroCool Flo:

  • Thanks to a well-thought-out internal structure and support for efficient cooling systems, the new products are excellent for cooling high-performance graphics cards.
  • Models support the installation of video cards up to 321 mm long.
  • The maximum possible height of the processor cooler is 165 mm.
  • A transparent side cover on the hinges, through which the backlight of the system is visible, provides convenient access to components, which makes it easy to change them.
  • Five 12-centimeter fans have already been installed in the case, perfectly coping with the cooling of even the most productive systems.
  • The devices are equipped with anti-vibration pads for the power supply.
  • A removable HDD cage makes it easy to install and remove internal hard drives.
  • The liquid cooling system can be installed both in the front and in the back of the case.

How to make a great case even better? Add highlight! The AeroCool Flo Saturn Case is an improved version of the base Flo model. All five pre-installed fans are equipped with a beautiful fixed RGB-backlight and will undoubtedly delight the gamer’s eye during game battles. At the same time, the surcharge for the Saturn modification is negligible.

Cases will appear in Russian retail in April at the recommended retail prices:

  • AeroCool Flo – $86.58
  • AeroCool Flo Saturn – $96.33.
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