Affordable Pixel headphones for affordable Pixel smartphones. Google let it slip about the Pixel Buds A


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:15 pm

In a new color

Recently, information appeared that Google is preparing the Pixel Buds A wireless headphones, which, by analogy with the Pixel A smartphones, will be more affordable than the original model. 

Pixel Buds A
Pixel Buds A

Affordable Pixel headphones for affordable Pixel smartphones. Google let it slip about the Pixel Buds A

And now Google itself has inadvertently confirmed the imminent release of the novelty. The company sent out a letter to its customers listing the new features that will appear in the upcoming products of the company. And in this letter, there is a picture of the new headphones. 

As the source claimed a few days ago, the new model will also be made in green, and this is exactly what is depicted here. In addition, the novelty is given by a slightly different arrangement of the indicator.  

There are no details, but given the available data, we can expect an announcement in the near future.  

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