After the release of Redmi Max 98, sales of 98-inch TVs in China grew 10 times


How was one model able to increase sales in the entire segment?

During today’s announcement of Redmi Smart TV X series televisions, brand head Lu Weibing shared interesting statistics: it turns out that after the release of the Redmi Max 98 TV, sales of devices of this category soared – they increased by an order of magnitude. But how is this even possible? How can one model of one brand influence sales of all other similar models of other brands?
Everything turned out to be very simple: a 10-fold increase in sales was provided … by Redmi Max 98 itself. The model turned out to be successful and inexpensive for its niche, so it sells very well. 
Redmi Max 98 TV
Redmi Max 98 TV
Well, already the sales of the Redmi Max 98 by a steam locomotive are dragging along with sales in the entire segment. These are such interesting manipulations with statistics. It is noteworthy that the total sales volume of Smart TV MAX in Redmi has not yet been disclosed. 
However, it is unlikely that it amounts to tens of thousands because the cost of the device is $ 2805.
But it should be noted that this amount also includes the cost of transportation from the store to the buyer’s house. And this is important, because it is one thing to buy, and quite another – to deliver a TV.


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