Alienware unveils 360Hz gaming laptops geared towards esports


Alienware unveils 360Hz gaming laptops geared towards esports

Alienware has introduced several new gaming devices and has also updated several older ones. The most interesting is perhaps the Alienware Area-51m R2 and m17 R3 esports laptops, which will feature Full HD 360Hz panels.


The 17-inch updated Area-51m R2 will feature 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, Alienware Cryotech cooling, and vapor chamber technology. And the slimmer, updated 17-inch m17 R3 is powered by 10th Gen Intel Core H and HK chips along with GeForce RTX accelerators.

The 360Hz refresh rate is ideal for esports professionals and demanding gamers. This is a step up from the standard refresh rate of a gaming monitor of 240Hz but is unlikely to be of interest to casual gamers. Alienware was one of the first companies to offer 360Hz laptops, although there are already a number of monitors with 360Hz. There are no details regarding the price and time to market of new notebooks.

The company also recalled the previously announced Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor with a refresh rate of 360 Hz for the most discerning gamers. Incidentally, it is compatible with the new NVIDIA Reflex analysis technology, which provides users with more data on system latency and performance.

Until now, most gaming displays have had a refresh rate of 120 to 240 Hz. But with the release of the Alienware 25, ASUS Swift 360, and Acer Predator X25, things seem to be changing. All of these new gaming monitors offer 360Hz refresh rates through collaboration with NVIDIA. The 24.5-inch Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor, in addition to the prohibitive 360 ​​Hz frequency, can offer an IPS display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080p, latencies of just 1 ms, 99% sRGB color space coverage, support for AMD FreeSync Premium and is priced at $ 650.



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