Android 11, all the new features of the operating system


Android 11 will arrive in September, but some of the new features of the mobile operating system are already available. Here are what they are

How will Android 11, the new version of Google’s mobile operating system, be? The answer to this question can be found in Developer Preview 3, the beta version of Android 11 dedicated only to developers and geeks. A few days ago Google has released this version, in which it is possible to find most of the new functions that will also be present on the official version.

From the advances that are coming out in these hours by users who have been able to put their hand on the Developer Preview 3 (available only for those who have a Pixel smartphone and the installation is recommended only to those who know how to use the smartphone and Android very well), there are many new features that technicians have integrated into Android 11. We will immediately clear the field from imaginative ideas: there will be no change in the graphic interface or in the main functions: Android 11 will mainly serve to make the smartphone more stable and improve the good already present in the mobile operating system. Here is the most important news.

What changes with Android 11

The annual releases of the two major mobile operating systems are always eagerly awaited. In iOS 14 many rumours have come out in recent weeks that have helped to outline the most important features. With the arrival of  Developer Preview 3 Google has also shown an almost definitive version of Android 11. What is the most important news? Let’s start with a feature that has already started making its debut on some Android smartphones and that is now implemented directly at the operating system level: reverse wireless charging. What is it about? Smartphones can charge other wireless devices, such as headphones, just bring them closer to the back cover.

Android 11
Android 11

Great attention also to user privacy: Google has been working in this regard for several years now and with Android 11 it is ready to take another step forward. If we do not use an app for a long time, it is possible to automatically revoke all the permissions granted, especially those for accessing the phone book, the call list and the camera.

Finally, the connection between smartphone and PC has been made easier via Wi-Fi, a function that will make especially happy those who work.

When Android 11 arrives – Android 11 Release date

For the moment, only the Developer Preview 3 is available a beta version designed especially for developers and geeks. The official presentation of Android 11 should have taken place during the Google I / O 2020, the annual convention dedicated to developers, but which this year was cancelled due to Covid-19. The official release, however, should take place between the end of August and the beginning of September.



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