Apple computers say goodbye to VR. Valve discontinued SteamVR support on macOS


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:05 pm

She appeared there in 2017

SteamVR support came on macOS in 2017. However, for the most part, Apple computers are not particularly suitable for games, and even more so games in virtual reality.


Apple computers say goodbye to VR. Valve discontinued SteamVR support on macOS

Apparently, over the past few years, the platform has not become at least somewhat in demand on macOS, so in the end, Valve decided to stop supporting SteamVR on this operating system.

The short message said that Valve intends to concentrate on Windows and Linux – this is precisely the reason why macOS is abandoned. Valve adds that while macOS users can use older versions of SteamVR, but after a while, they are likely to simply stop working.

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