Apple has recognized the marriage of the iPhone 12 screen


Apple Confirms Screens of Some iPhone 12 Models May Flicker, Glow Green or Gray

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 12 line of smartphones, testimonials from real users appeared, which confirmed that some models suffer from the appearance of various shades of green on black screens.

iPhone 12 screen
iPhone 12 screen

Apple has recognized the marriage of the iPhone 12 screen

Apple commented on these reports for the first time, publicly admitting that the green screen issue on the iPhone 12 does exist, but the company needs to conduct a thorough investigation to establish the details of the issue.

At this time, Apple has confirmed that the screens of some iPhone 12 models may flicker, glow green or gray, or have other unexpected color changes under certain conditions.

There are currently no details on whether the problem is hardware or software, and owners of iPhone 12 smartphones can only hope that Apple can fix the situation with a software update.

Interestingly, some users who encountered the green screen of the iPhone 12 were able to exchange their smartphones for new ones, but this defect also manifested itself in them.

It is believed that this is due to Apple’s desire to release as many iPhone 12 smartphones as possible, in connection with which the requirements for the quality of components were lowered.



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