Apple hinted at Microsoft’s collusion with Epic and questioned testimony about selling Xbox in the red


Apple hinted at Microsoft’s collusion with Epic and questioned testimony about selling Xbox in the red

Lori Wright, Vice President of Microsoft, spoke in the litigation between Epic Games and Apple. She said that the corporation has always sold Xbox consoles in the red, and therefore a 30 percent developer commission is necessary for the brand’s existence. Apple’s lawyer did not believe Wright and wants the court to declare her testimony inauthentic.


Apple’s filed petition alleges that Microsoft Vice President Laurie Wright deserves “falsification” because of Microsoft’s hidden documents that could change the course of the interrogation. The full statement paints a detailed picture of exactly what Apple is blaming Microsoft and Epic Games for. In a nutshell, it can be boiled down to deliberate document cover-ups (with a hint of collusion):  “While Ms. that Microsoft did not submit its documents to Apple

The statement then describes how Apple was forced to cross-examine Wright with “one hand tied behind his back” before delving into why Microsoft should suffer the consequences of its actions.

“Microsoft’s intentional withholding of the relevant documents is not materially justified. In fact, the corporation was well aware of the consequences of refusing to provide Apple with the relevant documents and decided not to provide anything. […] The opportunity for Apple to objectively interview Ms. Wright has been missed, ”added Apple.

In closing the motion, Apple asks that the court “question the veracity of the information concerning Ms. Wright


Microsoft has already released a statement to this effect:  “Laurie Wright’s testimony was accurate and frank, and Microsoft has complied with its obligation to provide Apple with the requested information. Unfortunately, Apple is trying to distract attention from legitimate industry concerns about its refusal to allow game streaming on the App Store

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