Apple releases new iPhone 12 screen repair device


Service Centers Already Received Heated Display Removal Machine

According to information published by MacRumors, Apple has also provided authorized service centers with a new device for repairing the screens of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which is called the Heated Display Removal Machine.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Apple releases new iPhone 12 screen repair device

To remove the iPhone 12 screen, you will need to insert the device into a special tray, and then place the tray in the Heated Display Removal Machine for two minutes, heating the glue under the display. The screen can then be removed by turning the lever with the suction cup. The iPhone 12 has a new-old design with a flat metal frame around the perimeter of the screen. In addition, they comply with the IP68 degree of protection.

Considering that the disassembly of iPhone 12 smartphones from various bloggers has already appeared on the network, it can be assumed that safe disassembly of a smartphone is possible without a new tool. However, it must be used by authorized service centers.

Apple recently announced that it will cost $ 279 to replace the bezel on the iPhone 12, and the battery can be changed for $ 69. Replacing a broken back glass will cost $ 449 for the iPhone 12 and $ 549 for the iPhone 12 Pro.

The founder of also commented on the news: “ iPhone owners should be able to repair their own phones. If a new iPhone design requires new fixtures to be repaired, Apple should sell them to its customers . ”



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