Apple starts selling refurbished 2020 MacBook Pro 13s


Apple starts selling refurbished 2020 MacBook Pro 13s

Apple today began selling refurbished 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops through its online store. When buying such a computer, you can save about $ 200, in comparison with the same, but a completely new laptop.


Refurbished variants of the MacBook Pro 13 are currently only available with 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. However, these laptops are equipped with new scissor keyboards that are much more practical and durable than the infamous “butterflies”.

Apple says refurbished MacBook Pros are thoroughly cleaned, tested, and complete with brand new optional accessories such as a power adapter and charging cable. Thanks to this, their consumer properties are no different from those offered by completely new devices.

Naturally, officially remanufactured MacBook Pros come with an official one-year warranty, just like new laptops. In addition, it can be extended up to three years with the purchase of AppleCare +, which will cost $ 269 for this model.



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