Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch introduced


But Apple focused on software

Apple has just unveiled the Watch Series 6 smartwatch. The Cupertino giant began its story about the new product with new features. For example, watchOS 7 is finally bringing native sleep tracking and maximum oxygen consumption metrics. The user will also receive a notification if the indicators are below normal.

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch introduced

As for the watch itself, as always, full specifications will appear on the Apple website after the end of the entire presentation, so we will update the news later. In the meantime, new colors can be noted: blue for aluminum watches renewed gold and renewed gray for steel. In addition, for the first time, Red is available on the Apple Watch as part of the Product RED program.

Of course, Apple also showed new watch faces – the company rarely replenishes their range, so for many smartwatch owners, this is quite important. This time it is even more interesting, since Apple has created, for example, special watch faces for surfers, photographers, medical professionals with the integration of data from specialized programs.

And Apple also showed a new strap and a really new one. It’s called the Solo Loop and it’s a bracelet without a clasp or buckle. It is made of “liquid” silicone, and it simply stretches to fit around your wrist. It goes without saying that it will be available in different sizes and several colors. And then there is the same one, but in a “wicker” style – it is made of some kind of recycled material, which is intertwined with threads of the same “liquid” silicone. Apple also showed a new leather bracelet – without buckles and clasps, but no longer inseparable – and a number of other updated models.

Separately, it is worth noting the emergence of parental control (family access) with numerous functions, that is, the Apple Watch can now be called, among other things, a children’s smartwatch. Moreover, this model can work even if the child does not have an iPhone – such a clock will be synchronized with the parent’s smartphone. However, this feature requires a model no older than Watch Series 4.

The price starts at $ 400. At the same time, it is not particularly clear what exactly, except for the updated sensor, the new model differs from the previous one. It’s also worth noting that the Watch Series 3 remains in service for $ 200. 

So, Apple has updated the official website, but there are no technical specifications for the new watch there. So for now, we can state that the novelty is based on the new S6 platform, and the rest, apparently, does not differ from the Watch Series 5



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