Atos Introduces First Nvidia A100 Accelerator Supercomputer


JUWELS BullSequana system will be the fastest supercomputer in Europe

Atos, calling itself the “world leader in digital transformations,” announced that the European BullSequana X2415 system will be the first supercomputer in which Nvidia A100 accelerators will be installed.

Allegedly, the inclusion of the Nvidia A100 accelerators in the BullSequana X2415 configuration “will provide unprecedented computing power” in supercomputer applications, including artificial intelligence.

JUWELS Supercomputer
JUWELS Supercomputer

Moreover, with the addition of accelerators, JUWELS BullSequana will become the fastest supercomputer in Europe. At the same time, high energy efficiency will be ensured.

Accelerators are located in the blade servers, being installed in four pieces in the slots of one Nvidia HGX-A100 baseboard. Between themselves, they are connected by third-generation Nvidia NVLink connections. On the baseboard are two AMD EPYC processors, 32 GB of DDR4-3200 memory and four Nvidia Mellanox InfiniBand ports.

It is planned that the BullSequana X2415 supercomputer will be available in the second quarter of 2020.



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