Big restart of Navitel Navigator for Android


New UI, Voice Search, and Windshield Projection

Navitel company announced the release of a major update of the navigation application “Navitel Navigator” for devices based on the Android operating system. 

Navitel Navigator
Navitel Navigator

Big restart of Navitel Navigator for Android

Navitel Navigator version 11 offers a completely redesigned interface and expanded functionality.  

The most frequently used parameters were displayed in the main menu of the application, including “Traffic”, “Sound”, “Settings”, “Maps”, “Travel history”, “Routes” and so on. The developers abandoned the top menu bar, this approach made it easier to use the smartphone when the application window was active.

A voice search function has been added. Access to the search is implemented as a line on the main screen of the program – above the area map. The update affected audio prompts about upcoming maneuvers on the route, warnings about cameras and road events, which will now be active even when the application window is minimized.

The search for “points of interest” has been optimized. All POIs are divided into categories and placed under the search bar as icons. Also in the search engine “points of interest” there was a category “Transport”, which will help you quickly find airports, metro stations, railway stations and ports.

Another innovation is available for a fee – the function of projection onto the windshield. You can display on the windshield of the car information about the current speed of the car, speed limits for this section of the road, the upcoming maneuver and the estimated time of arrival at the final point of the route.

Navitel Navigator version 11 is already available for download on Google Play.



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