Bluepoint adds a new riddle to the Demon’s Souls remake – how to solve it while no one knows


Bluepoint adds a new riddle to the Demon’s Souls remake – how to solve it while no one knows

A Reddit user under the pseudonym Cosmic-Vagabond drew attention to one of the undocumented differences between the remake of the RPG Demon’s Souls from the original version.

Demons souls
Demons souls

It is about a locked door hidden behind an illusory wall in the “Tower Knight Obelisk” location (aka “1-3”). Using the built-in photo mode in the remake, Cosmic-Vagabond discovered that an inaccessible area was hiding an object.

It is noteworthy that when you try to open the door, the warning “Apparently, it is locked” is displayed – a mechanism or a key is needed here, the players have not yet figured out, but have already started looking for an answer.

In particular, Cosmic-Vagabond and SnooHabits6731 have already tried to put on different types of armor in front of the door, kill at the level of all enemies, achieve the maximum light and dark tendency, and so on. Nothing worked so far.

The American streamer and speedrunner Distortion2 showed how to get to the mysterious door and what is in its vicinity in a four-minute video on his YouTube channel.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first such case with Bluepoint Games remakes. In the updated Shadow of the Colossus, the developers added a secret sword, which could be obtained for collecting 79 gold “coins” (they were not in the original game either).

The remake of Demon’s Souls was released on November 12 this year exclusively on the PlayStation 5. The game has already hit the top 10 British retail charts, despite the fact that the console itself has not yet gone on sale in the region.



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