Call of Duty Games Cumulative Sales Over 400 Million Copies


Call of Duty Games Cumulative Sales Over 400 Million Copies

The American publisher Activision Blizzard on the Call of Duty military shooter franchise’s official website announced that its popular series had reached another top of sales.

Call of duty
Call of duty

As it became known, since the release of the original Call of Duty time – that is, over 17 and a half years – the games of the franchise managed to fly around the world in the amount of over 400 million copies.

Activision Blizzard clarified that in this case, we are talking specifically about the sales of premium (paid) releases and not about the number of downloads of shareware projects like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Speaking of Warzone, at the beginning of the week, it became known that in just 13 months since its release, the battle royale attracted more than 100 million players. Activision Blizzard did not miss the opportunity to brag about this indicator.

On the way to 100 million, users managed to participate in 28.8 billion matches, make 26.4 billion parachute landings, fight 8.3 billion times in the Gulag and revive 8 billion allies on the battlefield.


“Thank you for creating countless memories, sharing your experience with your friends, and staying part of the best community in the world,” she thanked Activision Blizzard players.

The original Call of Duty debuted in October 2003 on PC. Only the main parts of the series have been released more than a dozen and a half (17, to be precise).

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