Chevrolet Corvette Unveiled the look of the Z06 – Corvette Z06


One month after the presentation date, Chevrolet has decided to appease the hot spirits of enthusiasts by spreading the first official image of the Corvette Z06. This is the sportiest variant of the C8, derived from the experience gained on the track with the C8 R.

Corvette Z06
Corvette Z06

Modified aerodynamics and wide track for the new V8. The Corvette Z06 is easily recognizable from the Stingray for some aerodynamic elements: the technicians, in fact, wanted to use a totally different package, by virtue of which the front and tail have fixed appendages, while the front fenders are widened to accommodate wider tires. The side is embellished with modified air intakes, which could suggest a widening of the rear axle. There are also ad hoc air intakes for the engine compartment, in which the flat-shaft 5.5 V8 derived from competitions should be hidden: on this subject, however, definitive information will only be provided at the debut.


corvette c8 z06

The high-load version has yet to be discovered.  If this Z06 seems aggressive to you, know that the Corvette should have a Serbian also kit to make it even more extreme. The spy photos at the Nürburgring and the launch date announcement teaser (click above) show specimens with a higher fixed rear wing and an even more pronounced front splitter: elements that could be part of an optional package dedicated to those who want to take advantage of the American two-seater even between the curbs. 

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