Crusader Kings III’s First Big DLC ​​Announced In May


Crusader Kings III’s First Big DLC ​​Announced In May

The Crusader Kings III development team on the franchise’s official website has announced the timing of the announcement of the first full-scale addition to its global historical strategy.

Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings III

Recall that in mid-March, Crusader Kings III already received the Northern Lords expansion , but that was only the so-called atmospheric set, that is, a set of thematic content.

The very first major add-on, Crusader Kings III, will be unveiled next month at PDXCON Remixed , an all-digital, world- wide festival hosted by Paradox Interactive.

PDXCON Remixed will be held from May 21 to 23 this year and will be free for everyone to review. The event promises “exciting announcements” , developer presentations and interactive content.

Until the end of the PDXCon Remixed week, but after the show, the team promised to publish a development diary with additional details of the upcoming expansion.


Among other things, the creators of Crusader Kings III shared the details of the Azure patch, which will be released in the summer and will bring stability improvements, bug fixes, useful features and balance adjustments.

Crusader Kings III is available on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). Apparently, the add-on will go on sale later in Azure, since the main attention of the developers after the presentation of the add-on will be paid to the upcoming patch.

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