Doom Short and Announcement of the New League of Legends Hero – Fallen King Viego


Doom Short and Announcement of the New League of Legends Hero – Fallen King Viego

Riot Games has shared plans for the development of League of Legends in 2021. The main announcement was another legend – the powerful fallen king Viego. He has a power that can destroy the entire world and will appear in the game this month.

League of Legends
League of Legends

A thousand years ago, Viego was the ruler of a long-forgotten kingdom. In an attempt to resurrect his deceased wife, he caused a magical cataclysm, which is now called Ruin. Transformed into a powerful restless ghost, Viego, now known as the Fallen King, suffers from unbearable longing for the long-dead queen. From time to time, he leaves the Shadow Isles and travels around Runeterra in search of a way to resurrect his beloved – this phenomenon is called Strahovin. The black mist that oozes from his cruel, broken heart destroys everything in its path. A new short film “Death” is dedicated to the fight against this scourge:

Viego’s passive skill is “The Right of the Strong”. He can temporarily take possession of enemy champions and help kill them. At the same time, he restores his health depending on the maximum health of the enemy. Moreover, while the target is under Viego’s control, he gets her items, auto-attacks and basic skills, and can also use the absolute skill – “Broken Heart” for free (destroys the bodies that he possessed and teleports forward, attacking the enemy champion with the lowest health level, inflicting additional damage and knocking back other opponents). During the effect, Viego accelerates as he moves towards enemy champions.

The ability “Blade of the Fallen King” allows Viego when pressing “Q”, to pierce with the blade of enemies in front of him, causing damage. At the same time, passive auto attacks of the legend inflict additional damage on hit, depending on the target’s health. When using the Ghost Maw skill on the W button, Viego prepares to attack, then dashes and releases a clot of fog that stuns the first enemy hit and deals damage. Finally, there is the ability “Path of Fear” – on “E” Viego spreads a black fog around the nearest wall. While the Fallen King is in the fog, he is disguised and his attack and movement speed are increased.

A new ranked season has also begun in League of Legends, and the first in-game Clash tournament of this year will take place on January 16-17. The developers also introduced a completely updated item system that will reveal the gameplay of champions in a new way, as well as a redesigned store with convenient navigation and a recommendation system.



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