ESIC banned 37 CS: GO coaches on suspicion of abuse of spectator mode


ESIC banned 37 CS: GO coaches on suspicion of abuse of spectator mode

The Esports Ethics Commission (ESIC) has banned 37 coaches for abuse of a spectator error. With its help, coaches could be anywhere on the map and transmit information to players about the location of opponents. This was reported on ESIC’s Twitter.

37 CS
37 CS

The organization identified violations after analyzing 20% ​​of the total amount of data available (about 3 TB out of 15.2 TB). The apparent abuse of in-game error was found in about 0.1% of matches. 

As a result, the commission sentenced 37 coaches, removing them from the competition for a period of 3.7 to 36 months. Among them are seven Russian and Ukrainian coaches, including Natus Vincere veteran Sergey Asterix Ischuk. Hard Legion mentor Alexander zoneR Bogatyryov, who was suspended for 36 months, was subjected to the most severe punishment.

ForZe eSports coach Sergey LMBT Bezhanov called the punishment unfair because he informed the administrators of the error. The team also declared his innocence. According to them, after the start, he joined the analysts to broadcast the match.

It was not specified whether the commission will consider any appeals. After checking all the data, the organization will prepare a final report. This will happen in October. The full list of those banned is published on the ESIC website.



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