Fat burning diet: the ideal dinner to lose weight recommended by nutritionists


Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 10:20 am

To lose weight and burn excess fat, you need to start with your diet. An example of a diet recommended by nutritionists.

There are many myths about fat-burning diets. Some say that it is enough to eat a little, a few lettuce leaves and tomato, perhaps abandoned in the refrigerator. Someone else thinks it is necessary to do treadmills and aerobics. But as in all things, the truth lies somewhere in between. Let’s look at an example of a fat-burning diet and dinner recommended by many experienced nutritionists.

Fat burning diet: the myths to dispel, what to eat to lose weight

Burning fat and losing weight doesn’t mean missing out on a meal or two or overdoing your aerobic exercise, especially if you’re not very familiar with it. In fact, if there is one thing we need to start from, it is the concept of regularity and discretion.

Not eating or eating little will not cause you to lose fat, but rather subject your body to unnecessary stress. As well as exaggerating in sports, it will only lead to negative outcomes. The secret, as suggested by many experienced nutritionists, is to have low-calorie, protein-rich meals.


And then the question arises: what to eat? An ideal dinner, for example, is based on a lean meat meal accompanied by a platter of abundant vegetables. Let’s see an example of a fat-burning diet to follow.

Example of a fat-burning diet

Generally, even to promote a better quality of sleep, a fat-burning diet would require consuming a lot of vegetables and proteins. But which proteins to choose? The important thing is that they come from lean sources such as:

  • tuna fish;
  • fish;
  • beef;
  • Hummus;
  • egg;
  • ricotta cheese.
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One of the healthiest cooking methods is steaming as it eliminates almost all the fats of the meat and is more digestible. Changing dietary routines is also essential for the body, trying new foods is not only pleasant for the palate but useful for the diet.

What vegetables to cook?

  • lettuce;
  • cucumbers;
  • asparagus;
  • cabbage;
  • zucchini;
  • broccoli (but beware of those suffering from thyroid diseases).

But what about fats? They should not be eliminated completely but reduced and selected from healthy ones such as avocado, salmon, eggs, oilseeds, and dried fruit.

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