Firefox 76: improved password management and support for Zoom calls on desktop


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:42 pm

Mozilla has released version 76 of Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac systems: the new release is already available for download on the official website and brings with it additional security features for password management through the Lockwise tool but not only.

Mozilla has released version 76 of Firefox for Windows

In short, here are all the changes introduced:

  • Saved password protection: there is now a new security function that requires entering the device account password before being able to view or copy the passwords saved in Firefox Lockwise;
  • New Violated and Vulnerable Password Alerts: Two new warnings are introduced on Firefox Lockwise that allows users to view when the account password or website has been violated. Firefox specifies that the function automatically scans encrypted passwords,
  • Ability to generate new passwords: Firefox Lockwise is now able to automatically generate new secure and complex passwords for sites. Once created, the password can then be stored and synchronized between the various devices.

Among the other novelties mentioned in the release notes (the complete list can be found in the link in VIA) are then mentioned improvements for the Picture-in-Picture functionality introduced at the beginning of December with version 71 and the Audio Worklets support which includes the possibility to join Zoom calls without the need for additional downloads.

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