Folding flagship Mate Xs unprofitable for Huawei, despite the cost of $ 2400


The cost of components – and especially the flexible screen – is very high

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Yu Chengdong shared an unexpected revelation today: it turns out that the flagship smartphone Mate Xs with a flexible screen is unprofitable for the company. And this is despite the high official cost of $ 2,400. And speculators offer Mate Xs even more expensive.

Huawei Mate Xs
Huawei Mate Xs

“The cost of such products is very high, we are still losing money. The cost is so high that you won’t even believe that there is no way to make a profit, ” said the top manager. But he also noted that the market demand for the Mate Xs is great, and the company is working to expand production to meet demand.

In general, it turns out that Mate Xs for Huawei is more of an image project than a commercial one. And the company does not expect a reduction in the cost of such products in the near future. To the question of when, nevertheless, folding smartphones with flexible screens are equal in price to ordinary models, Yu Chengdong replied: “I think we need more than a year, maybe a half or two . ” So do not wait for the decline in the cost of smartphones like the Mate Xs in the medium term.



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