Folding @ Home Performance Outperforms All Top500 Systems


Last updated on April 28th, 2023 at 07:20 pm

She exceeded 2.4 exaflops

Folding @ Home’s distributed computing network is growing rapidly . A few hours ago, the total performance of the computing resources available in it exceeded 2.4 exaflops (1 exaflops – 10 18  floating point operations per second).

Folding @ Home

Folding @ Home Performance Outperforms All Top500 Systems

This is not only 15 times the performance of IBM Summit – the fastest supercomputer in the world, but also more than the performance of all 500 supercomputers in the Top 500 list updated every six months .

IBM Summit

Network organizers are struggling to load a rapidly growing resource, as the growth of its performance exceeded all expectations.

The growth of the network is due to the fact that participation in Folding @ Home allows you to contribute to the search for drugs and vaccines against COVID-19.



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