Following India, TikTok and Other Chinese Apps May Get Banned in Japan


Following India, TikTok and Other Chinese Apps May Get Banned in Japan

It became known that Japan could follow in the footsteps of India by banning the popular short video sharing service TikTok and other applications created by Chinese developers in the country.


This news appeared sometime after the Indian authorities blocked 59 mobile applications from developers from China in the country. Similar actions in relation to TikTok and a number of other Chinese software products may soon be introduced in the United States.

A group of Japanese lawmakers is reportedly planning to ban domestic use of TikTok and a number of other mobile apps from Chinese publishers. The reason for this intention lies in the fear of the Japanese authorities about the fact that applications are used to collect user data and spy for the government of the Celestial Empire. Japanese lawmakers intend to submit a full proposal to restrict access to TikTok and other Chinese apps in the country by September this year. In their opinion, the government should take decisive measures to prevent leakage of user data abroad.

Despite the fact that entering the Japanese market for mobile applications is considered a rather difficult undertaking, TikTok has managed to achieve great success in the country. For example, in the digital content store App Store in the country, TikTok has long been the undisputed leader in the category of entertainment applications. Moreover, TikTok is currently in the top 5 most downloaded apps.

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