Fujifilm expects to bring medium-format cameras in the main segment


For this, the Japanese manufacturer plans to release more compact and cheaper models of the GFX system.

This week, Cinema5D published an interview with Toshi Iida, the head of Fujifilm. During the conversation, many issues were raised that can be grouped into several topics.


Fujifilm expects to bring medium-format cameras in the main segment

Thus, characterising the situation with COVID-19, Toshi Iida noted that the pandemic significantly affected the work of the company and the industry as a whole. In particular, Fujifilm in China was closed in early February and opened only after the quarantine was lifted. Now the company is feeling the impact of the viral crisis on demand. Quarantine influenced the release schedule of the X-T4 camera. At the same time, the number of pre-orders is growing, and the company has not yet encountered cases of cancellation.

For many, the part of the interview devoted to the GFX medium format system may turn out to be especially interesting. Fujifilm considers it to be a proprietary analogue of the full-frame format, hoping to enter the mass segment eventually. The companies realize that this requires more compact, lightweight and affordable models, and are already working in this direction.



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