Galaxy Note9 owners still have hope. Samsung is still working on One UI 2.1 shell for this smartphone


But not all new features will be added to it.

The One UI 2.1 shell debuted on the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones and later came out on the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10. Also earlier, there was information that the 2018 Samsung flagships will receive this shell with a number of new features.

Galaxy Note9
Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9 owners still have hope. Samsung is still working on One UI 2.1 shell for this smartphone

However, not so long ago this information was allegedly refuted. However, there is still a chance. According to a moderator at the official South Korean Samsung forum, the company is not just preparing One UI 2.1 for the Galaxy Note9 line but is already working on the corresponding firmware. True, a representative of Samsung said nothing about the Galaxy S9.

He also warned that not all new features of One UI 2.1 will be available in this shell on the Galaxy Note9 smartphone, since the addition of some does not allow Samsung to guarantee stability. In particular, this applies to the new camera features.



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