Games will be! – Xbox Projects Chapter for the Xbox Series X


Not only technical details.

This year, Microsoft is eager to talk about its next-generation console, but so far focuses on the hardware and useful features of the Xbox Series X. However, the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer understands that games are of fundamental importance. According to him, we will hear about projects for the Xbox Series X in the foreseeable future.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

 Games will be! – Xbox Projects Chapter for the Xbox Series X

“We know that people play games. You do not play Variable Rate Shading technology, you do not play ray tracing, you play games that use these technologies. Therefore, when we showed the console at The Game Awards, we also demonstrated the new part of Hellblade. In my opinion, it would be strange if we came to The Game Awards without a game, ”said Spencer.

“Of course, now we plan to focus on games. We want to talk more about great games. Third-party companies want to talk about this, ”added the head of Xbox.

The launch of the Xbox Series X is expected later this year.


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