Giant Redmi Max 98 TV delivered by truck crane … through windows


No other manufacturer has such a service

There was a continuation of the story of how Redmi delivers a giant Redmi Max 98 TV with a screen diagonal of 98 inches to its customers.

Redmi max 98 tv installation
Redmi max 98 tv installation

Sources confirm that in some cases, when the TV cannot be lifted by elevator or if it does not go into the flight of stairs of a multi-story building, a truck crane is used to deliver it.

The question remains what size windows should be in order for a huge box with a Redmi Max 98 TV to go through them. Another photo shows the very trained team of professionals who travels to deliver and install the TV.

Recall, Redmi declares that it will compensate for any damage caused to the house or apartment during the delivery and installation of the TV.

At a price of $ 2825, Redmi Max 98 is the company’s largest television. Its screen is characterized by 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), it covers 85% of the NTSC color space and has a dynamic contrast ratio of 140,000: 1. The width of its frames around the entire perimeter is 12.8 millimeters, the screen occupies 98.8% of the front panel of the TV.



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