Google Chrome gets the biggest performance boost in years


Google Chrome gets the biggest performance boost in years

Google has announced that it is ending 2020 with the release of the Google Chrome browser update, delivering the biggest performance improvement ever. “ This month ‘s update represents the biggest performance boost for Chrome in years,” wrote Matt Waddell, Chrome Product Director, in a blog post. A lot of internal changes and optimizations have resulted in Chrome’s speedup in several ways, he said.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

The first area concerns working with tabs. Chrome will now prioritize your active tab over others in the background, ” reducing CPU usage by up to 5x and extending battery life to 1.25 hours (based on our internal tests)” In a blog post on Chromium, the company explained that it achieved this through throttling in JavaScript: ” We did it without sacrificing background features that interest users, such as playing music and receiving notifications .”

Another plus is that the Chrome launch is 25 percent faster. The browser loads page up to 7% faster, ” and does it all with less energy and RAM than before .”

Google also added a tab search: ” Now you can see a list of your open tabs – no matter which window they are in, and then quickly enter text to find the one you want .” This feature will first debut on Chromebooks and then will appear on other desktop versions of Chrome.

The address bar was noted to be more useful thanks to the Chrome Actions feature – ” a faster way to perform an action with just a few keystrokes .”

In addition, soon, when you open a new tab, ” cards ” with tips will appear, which will allow you to click on the recently visited and related content on the Internet, saving the user time. For now, cards will only appear “ to some users ” under the label area, but next year this feature will be available to everyone.

The update to Chrome 87 is already available to all users.



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