Google Chrome users will be able to immediately launch the browser in “Incognito” mode


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:23 pm

Google Chrome users will be able to immediately launch the browser in “Incognito” mode

Google developers continue to add and test new features in the Chrome browser. One such feature, which has not yet been announced, but has already appeared in Chrome Canary, is the ability to create a separate desktop shortcut that will allow you to open the browser in incognito mode.


According to the available data, by default the mentioned function is disabled, but it can be activated by going to the corresponding menu under the link chrome: // flags. After that, the “Create shortcut” option will appear in the “Incognito” mode settings, by using which the user can mark a new shortcut on the desktop to launch the web browser.

As a rule, using the private mode allows you to automatically delete the history of visited sites and search queries after the session ends. However, Chrome’s incognito mode has an additional advantage. It automatically blocks third-party cookies used by websites to track user activity. This allows the browser to provide an increased level of privacy while browsing websites.   

Now, to start the “Incognito” mode, the user must select the “New window in incognito mode” option or press Ctrl + Shift + N when the browser is already running. The new option will simplify this process as users can place a shortcut to launch Chrome in Incognito mode on the desktop to begin interacting with the web with their privacy settings enabled.


At the moment, the new feature has not been announced and is in testing in Chrome Canary. Exactly when it will appear in the stable version of the browser is still unknown.

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