Google Messages can now schedule messages to be sent by time


Google Messages can now schedule messages to be sent by time

Recently, the Google Messages app has received many useful features. Now the function of sending messages on a schedule has been added to them. Unfortunately, it is not yet available to all users.

Google Messages
Google Messages

The new feature is provided via server-side updates, so it cannot be added to the application on its own. Nevertheless, there is reason to believe that it will soon become available to a wide range of users.

Android owners who have already gained access to the new feature are reporting that when you hold down the send message button in the app, a window appears that offers options such as “Tonight at 6:00 PM”, “Tonight at 9:00 PM”. and also “Tomorrow, 8:00”. In addition, you can independently specify the date and time of sending the message. Scheduled messages are displayed in the general list and are marked with a clock icon. It is worth noting that scheduled messages can be deleted, edited, or sent immediately.

Since this is a server-side update, it is currently available for a small number of users in test mode. It is expected to be available to all users in the coming weeks.



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