Haley and Justin Bieber threaten the court with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a TikTok video suggesting the model was performing operations


Dr Daniel Barrett shared a video with Hayley in tick-talk from his series of small videos. Surgeons shoot videos about the secrets of plastic surgery. And in the new video, the flag developed a theme that pointed to differences and changes in the person of Mrs Bieber over time.

Haley and Justin Bieber
Haley and Justin Bieber

Bieber’s legal team sent out a letter of cessation and refusal to show this video in response.

They called the video defamatory for “disseminating false, uncorroded allegations that Ms Bieber had plastic surgery.”

They asked Dr Barrett to make a video and issue a public rebuttal or he would have to face more serious legal action.

Dr Barrett explained that he has “no plans” to delete his video.

A Beverly Hills surgeon received a notification from Bieber lawyers, but he considered that his personal position and many years of experience gave him the right to assert that many things in the appearance of Haley Bieber did not happen for natural reasons, but happened with the help of plastic surgery.

Bieber’s’ legal team says Dr Barrett is mistaken in using “the name, image, and likeness of a blonde” to promote her brand by “spreading false, uncorroded allegations that Mrs. Bieber had plastic surgery.”

They also blame Dr Barrett for copyright infringement for using Sorry’s 2015 Bieber song lyrics.

In a video that was part of a series about the secrets of plastic surgery, the doctor demonstrates the evolution of Haley’s face by comparing a 2011 photograph with a 2016 photograph.

He tells viewers that it’s worth “paying special attention to the nose” before moving on to the statement that it would be “physically impossible” to achieve such an effect during puberty or anything else to change its features so dramatically.

Dr Barrett also suggests that Bieber has undergone genioplasty – an increase in the chin – and has lip fillers, in addition to having several other minor procedures.

Bieber says his claims boil down to “distortion of facts, defamation, libel, false coverage, violation of public rights, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark infringement.”

They asked Dr. Barrett to make a video and publish a public rebuttal in the next 24 hours.

If neither one nor the other happens, then Bieber threatens a more serious lawsuit.

Haley previously denied claims that she underwent plastic surgery.

Just a few days before Barrett’s video, she commented on an Instagram post that also compared her young face to today’s.

She argued that most of the differences could be related to photo editing.

“Stop using photos that are edited by makeup artists!” Wrote Bieber. “This photo on the right is not what I look like …”

Continuing to explain, she said: “I never touched my face, so if you are going to sit and compare me at 13 and then me at 23, at least use a natural photograph that has not been edited so insanely.”



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