Hijacked a whole truck with iPhone 12 and other Apple technology


The cost of the cargo was estimated at 5 million pounds sterling

According to Mydrivers, citing British media, an organized crime group hijacked a truck carrying Apple’s new equipment, which was estimated at more than half million dollars.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Hijacked a whole truck with iPhone 12 and other Apple technology

According to a Northamptonshire police report, the car theft occurred on November 10 on the M1 motorway. The intruders attacked the driver and the security guard, then tied them up and stole a car with a valuable cargo. The police report said the truck was carrying new Apple devices, most of which were iPhone 12 smartphones.

The truck then arrived at a neighboring village, where the operation to deliver the stolen property was continued. The gang moved the goods to a second truck and trailer. The driver and security guard were left in the first car, after which they drove off to Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where they changed cars again to cover their tracks.

As previously reported, demand for the iPhone 12 continues to grow . Companies in the Apple supply chain are taking various ramp-up actions to help address the shortage of new iPhone 12 smartphones in various regions of the world.




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